May in Evansville

May in Evansville meant an average temperature of 70 degree weather, and a chance of rain occuring at least once a week. We were able to make weekly trips to the library and take our bike out for a ride almost weekly, but with so much rain that meant there were also plenty of puddles to jump in.

Some significant events that occurred this month were:
-We biked to the church and back (a 4.2 mile trip one way)!
-We celebrated Mother's day by starting a garden
-Genelle's and I performed in a small dance performance on the 18th
-We made a family trip out to St. Louis over Memorial Weekend (to see the zoo)
-We visited 3 new parks and 2 lakes (Audubon Park, Smothers Park in Owensboro, Boonville City Lake/Park, and Scales Lake Park)!

We are excited to see all that June has in store for us!


April in Evansville

I plan to share all the adventures that our family have experienced over the past couple of months here in the Midwest, but first here's a little sample of how the last 30 days went... Enjoy!


Evansville, Indiana

Last December we moved across the United States to a lesser known part of Indiana called... Evansville.
Due to the large distance between us and the majority of our family I thought it appropriate to start up this blog again in order to help our family members know what's going on in our lives (complete with pictures). I hope you enjoy the upcoming photos and stories of our adventures here in the Midwest. We certainly are. 😁