Date Night Ideas

You are all going to laugh at me. 
When I read about today's list I knew I had to share my "Dating Made Fun" list that I was given in Seminary (a loong time ago, as you can probably tell by the creases).

Some more ideas that I (personally) came up with are:

Drive-In Movie Theatre
"Pick your own Produce" Farm
Rodeo/Fair/Carnival/Farmer's Market/City Heritage Days
Comedy Show
Outdoor Theatre/Concert
Local Amusement Parks
Star Gazing/Astronomy Class (Snowbird?)
Second-hand book Shopping
Nickel Arcade
Lazertag, go-carting
Lazer/Light Show
Paint a wall in your house, each other's portraits, tye dye, finger paint, etc.

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  1. Dont forget the BEST DATE you have ever been on.. Ours!!!. In door rock climbing


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