Today's Challenge...

I'm sorry.
I should have been keeping you up to date on all of the challenges thus far on the 21 Day Challenge, but life just got so busy that it just... didn't happen.
Lame, I know.

I've decided you can't miss out on my outfit today and so with out delay...

Today's Challenge was to have a monochrome outfit, and I have to say I REALLY like the way mine came out! 

Check it out!
I used the Paint Program to mash 2 pics together
 YAY purple!

Here's come of my past outfits...
And here are the prompts for the rest of the week so you can participate too!
There's a lovely Flickr group that you can join and upload your photos, so go ahead and dig through your closet and try something new/different

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  1. I am one lucky husband to have such a beautiful and gorgeous Wife!!!!


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