Lessons Learned

A good way to get back at girls who stand you up is to prank them by setting a living room up on their front yard (including couch, tv, rug, and coffee table.)

Dont try to sneak out to TP someone by throwing rolls of toliet paper out your second story window to your cousin and friend down below, while your dad and uncle watch you from the back yard.

If you hear about a Young Women's sleep over. Take note of the date and warn all the young men in your ward to prepare for battle. Then lay in wait to surprise the young women with water balloons and a hose when they try to TP your friends house.

Be direct with people in a tactful way.

Be honest with yourself and to God, then you will find that you are honest with everyone else

GO TO Institute, you might just find your eternal companion ;) ;)

Always find a way to serve your spouse each day!!!

Charity is the ability to look at people through Christ's eyes, to love them as he loves them. (its hard to do sometimes)

WORK HARD!!! no matter what task I am given I will strive to do my very best at it.

Even though others may choose unhappiness, you do not have to choose the same.
Your family will be the greatest source of heartache and happiness that you will ever find.
Revenge ALWAYS ends up in heartache.
No, your life will not end if you don't go to the school play after party.
Boys will never change. Do not choose one that won't make you happy.
It's perfectly normal to wait til College to date people seriously.
 Three dates does not a relationship make.
Sometimes the individuals you think you dislike will end up being your friend.
Sometimes life is hard... but it will always get better.
Even though other's actions may have an affect on you your life, you are the only who can decide if you will be happy.

What are some of the lessons you've learned in life?

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