Love and Loathing

How I feel

The morning of Laundry day is always one filled with anxiety.
Doing the Laundry is such a long, strenuous endeavor...
First there's the gathering of everything washable. You scour through the house looking for any guiltily laid items and those hiding beneath/behind and in random places.
Then comes the sorting... which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take up an entire room to have everything laid out...
Followed by the wrestling of fabrics into and out of the washer/dryer, which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't suffering from delayed muscle soreness...

But it's the folding preparation that I dread. 
See, you can't fold clean clothes on an unclean surface... it just doesn't make sense.
So you have to tidy up the house (because let's face it you may only fold the clothes in one room, but once you restore everything to it's rightful place you have to balance the items on some type of surface as you open up drawers and grab hangers).

Once I start folding however, I'm okay. I just zone out a little bit and turn on something on the bube tube. 

So really it's just before and after folding clothes that I dislike. 

But then again, I guess I only have to do it once a week (once every other week if I push it), so I really shouldn't be complaining. 

I'm going to blame my crankiness on the delayed muscle soreness. It makes everything more difficult than it needs to be. Including getting off the coach to start the Laundry.

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