Why I love to take the Bus

So, besides the fact that I don't have to actually drive when I take the bus some of my favorite things about taking the bus to and from work are...

-I have a beautiful 40 minutes to and from work to in which to read 
(something that doesn't happen when at any other time)

-The bus drivers ask me how I'm doing and like
to tell me funny stories about some of the outrageous
people who take the bus
-the lovely couple that makes out right outside my window
 as we wait for the bus to continue it's route
-The small talk that happens both at the bus stops
and on our way to our seats
-The fact that I can tell you exactly what bus to take 
no matter where you want to go ... as long as you give me
 a major land mark or street name
-When people tell me how much they admire me for 
taking the bus... Yes, I'm poor on purpose. 
Aha, take that rich people!
-The semi-creepy bus advertisements that leave a head poking up
just down the aisle from me...


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