Day 6

**This post was written on May 12, 2009 in Rome, Italy while I was on a Study Abroad.**

This morning we went to Capitoline Hill. Someone was running for Mayor so there were tons of yellow balloons, tents, flags, free hats, food and pictures of the Candidate, so the place was really buzzing when we sat down to take notes.
Running for Mayor
The Capitoline Hill Museum was pretty cool itself, it was the first time on our trip that we'd actually gone inside a museum and it didn't disappoint. In the foyer were the remaining parts of a 30 ft. statue of Constantine that was taken from the Roman Forum Ruins (that lay at below Capitoline Hill), all that was left was his hands, feet, fore arm and head.
Kate, McKenzie, Megan and Celise posing with the Forearem
There was artwork from all over the Roman empire and if you traveled below ground you saw some tombstones and early pieces of literature. One of the coolest sculptures we saw within the museum was the Dying Gaul. It was created sometime between 170-175 BC, as part of a collection of art pieces, and it is of a man who has just fallen to the ground. His face is wrought with this surprised/angry expression as if he were thinking to himself "I don't understand, how is it possible that I'm dying right now?!" It just spoke to me!

After we left the museum we went to the Theatre of Marcellus (which apparently you can rent!), and then we went to the PANTHEON!!
Inside the Pantheon
It was slightly smaller than I thought it'd be, but it was still amazing! Just walking between the pillars to get to the front doors was insane. You feel so small and insignificant, but then you walk inside and this peace just envelopes you...

After we visited the Pantheon everyone split into mini groups to go out to eat and do as we pleased. Nancy and I got some paninis across the plaza and then we went to the Piazza Navona. (On the way we found a cute gourmet chocolate store where we bought some treats.) The Fountain of the Four Rivers is in the piazza, as well as 30-50 artists with their various stands and artwork. We spent about 30 minutes looking around and then we went home to the hotel. It had been a long day so we both crashed once we made it back to our temporary home.

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