I Believe (In Love) and Date Night!

Everyone loves Date Night!

I know that for Mike and I it's a nice time to dedicate to doing/trying something new with each other. And for the most part we keep it fairly inexpensive, but every now and then it's fun to splurge and go out to dinner and a movie!

We don't usually go to the Theater unlless we KNOW the movie's going to be good, but Mike found a Red Robin's coupon and was surprised with movie tickets from work so we decided, why not!

So we saw Mirror Mirror, a Snow White tale, and it was.... interesting to say the least. One of my favorite parts, although not Mike's, was the following clip. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)


This one's to you Mike, thank you for taking me out on the town!


  1. I was wondering how this movie would turn out! I really want to see the other Snow White movie they are putting together as well. Fun to find your cute blog :)

    1. Thank you! You are too sweet! I LOVE your blog! As for the other Snow White movie, I hear it will follow the original story line better and is intended more for a grown-up audience...Mike will probably like the other one better, but I thought this one was sweet and enjoyable, so I'd recommend giving it a try.

  2. This movie was ridiculous, had its moments but in my opinion did not do the Snow White Story its justice

  3. That sounds just like us! We NEVER go to the movies unless we know we will like it. Mirror Mirror does look good. I'm a huge snow white fan.. "LIke I auditioned to be a Disney Princess at Disney world huge fan" but I think I can wait till it comes to dvd. I'm sure I will love it, it just seems like a cute little film to watch when you want a relaxing evening.


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