Genelle's Second Month

[*This post could also be labeled, "Mommy and Daddy got a nice new camera!]

In November Mike and I finally took the plunge and bought a Canon. We didn't really care what the body looked like since we knew we were going to buy a new lens to go with it so we purchased the EOS Rebel T3i. Shortly thereafter we bought the magnificent 50 mm i.8f lens! All the photos (taken with the Cannon) you will see here on out will with those lens.

Big Things in the Second Month:
1. An early Thanksgiving dinner at Jeanne's, my ex-step mom  with Braeden (Jeanne's son), Brynne (Braeden's cute wife), and Aly (Jeanne's daughter).

2. Thanksgiving Day with Mike's parents and brother, Matt.

3. Lessons in how to hold one's head up.

4. A weekend down in Hurricane, where Genelle met her great grandparents the Christensens and all my siblings got to fawn all over her.

5. A special fundraising Santa Claus Photoshoot

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