So yesterday was kinda crazy...  
Well, the past couple of days have been that way. 
  It all started when Mike found out at work that his sales team is going to be in a 'competition' of sorts. 

(A little background... Mike works at a life coaching company and it is his job to sell additional lessons to the company's current students. This is a sales position that was just recently added by the company, but since Mike's team has been doing so well the company wants to see how other sales teams might do in comparison.)

      Mike works on an hourly + commissions basis, he is a good sales man so he over the summer, when he's working full time he can make some decent money. The way his sales team works is that they get several lists of referrals (of various qualities) to call each week. Some weeks the leads are better than others, but Mike always does a good job of putting a forth the same effort every day (no matter what kind of referrals he's getting).

However with this competition his team will be splitting the referrals with another sales team (a sales team from the front end of the company where they have a sales quota every day and as Mike believes, their sales ethics are a bit skewed.)

If by the end of the competition the other team has more sales than Mike's then it'll be very possible that Mike will be out of a job (never mind that it was Mike's boss who started his position and is the one pulling money into the company or that Mike has been a hard working employee for the past four years).

To make matters worse they have a team member that is being transferred to another division of the company, their new hire just quit and so it'll only be Mike and one other guy calling referrals (and let's just say the other guy has been called out almost every week for not being diligent about calling his referrals)! 
So basically it's going to be:
Mike vs. a selling-machine team
Not. Good.

So we're stressing a little bit.

On the BRIGHT side, if Mike loses his job then he can find either an internship or job that is more aligned to his career (Physical Therapy)!!

Wish him luck any how :)

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