Sweet Sweat

So on Monday night when the hubby came home he announced that he was going to start working out every day of the week 
(well, except Sunday).
Apparently while at work he created a beautiful excel sheet to track his exercising...

At first, I thought "okay, whatever you say love", but then he stared me down as he proclaimed the second part of his plan... 

"OH NO you DIDNT!" 
was what I was thinking, but what I actually said was
"Oh, I'll be exercising with you..."  
Muah ha ha ha haaa (as the evil laughter track rolled in my head) and I will hold you to your CREED!!

"Good" he announced as he whipped out a measuring tape and started to wind it about his extremities.

Oh WOW, we are going the whole nine yards...
"Wait a sec, what are you doing?"

"It's no fun if you can't see the effect of all your hard work!"
Hmm, the hubby had a point. 
So we were measured. And while it was fun seeing just how big my neck and thighs were (and no, I"m not telling you) it was nice to think that maybe I could loose those oh-so-sneaky-newly-married-poundage that I had mysteriously gained over the last year (and  had denied the existence there of... that is until the bathing suit season began). 

And maybe, unlike any other regiment we try to stick to (besides our daily homage to the bube tube) we'll actually become steady exercisers... 
Well, atleast we were the last two days.

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