30 days of Lists

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who like to make lists and those who don't. 
I'm what you would call a fan of lists...
So over the next thirty days Mike and I are going to indulge you with a few lists of our own... EVERY single DAY!
Hopefully you like lists too, otherwise the next month is going to be passing by f..a..i..r..l..y.. s..l..o..w..l..y..

To Come:
  1. A few things about ourselves
  2. Things we are good at
  3. We are looking forward to ...
  4. Today's playlist
  5. Weekend Goals
  6. Top 10 Pet Peeves
  7. Blog goals
  8. In our bags
  9. Favorite websites and blogs
  10. On our wishlists
  11. Date night ideas
  12. Weekly rituals
  13. DIYs we want to try
  14. Things we love about _______
  15. On our shopping lists
  16. Places to see in our town
  17. Words that are hard to spell
  18. Road trip must-haves
  19. Recipes we want to try
  20. Celebrity... Crushes?
  21. Things to do this Fall
  22. Today we saw
  23. Guilty pleasures
  24. Things we'd rather be doing right now
  25. Books we'd like to read this year
  26. Lessons learned
  27. Vacations to take
  28. Favorite foods
  29. Today's to-do list

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