Weekend Goals

Below I think you'll find the reason why men and women are so apparently different...
Mike's Goals
Have fun
Maybe paint the window seal...

Sarah's Goals
Wake up before 9am. 
(I've become a lazy bum. Most days I barely wake up before 10am... I need to change it up.)
Start exercising again 
(yeah remember when Mike and I were going to exercise every day?! We did really well for about 2 weeks and then we just... stopped. That's how a LOT of things happen around here)
Celebrate Aly's B-Day!!
[It's our tradition (with my dad and step-mom) to celebrate birthdays on a Sunday whenever everyone is in town... even if it doesn't happen til a month has passed since they birthday. Luckily, Aly turned 20 just last week so we're doing fairly well!]
Go to the Pool/Seven Peaks
(this was mostly my goal for yesterday... I've been itching to go but when it got down to it someone asked me to help them unpack boxes... Since I couldn't justify the pool over them I spent my evening in their kitchen.)

*Some not-so goals, but things I'm looking forward this weekend...*
  • Softball practice (Our fist game will be on Monday!!!!)
  • Going to the Movies with the fam (my brothers are up for the weekend so this is pretty exciting!!)
  • Going to church with Jeanne, my step-mom (her plan is to show Mike and I off, our plan is to not screw anything up... Who knows what parents tell people about?!)
  • Bestowing my Step-brother's camera charger upon him. (I'll have to share that fun story with you another time...)

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