What I'm (We're) good at

Everybody has talent... Some of us are good at bugging other people, other individuals are really terrific drivers and then there are the individuals who are really good at ... well, something else.

Below is a list of things that Mike and I think we're particularly good at...

1. Making Chocolate Chip Cookies (anything else and you're baking it yourself... well, except fried rice... and potato soup... and waffles... and...)
2. Making people Laugh
3. Playing Sports... and Games
4. Getting Injured (especially when I'm playing... games)
5. Helping people...

1. Putting others at ease
2. Striking up conversations with strangers (others call it crazy, I call it socializing)
3. My Reading Comprehension (no joke)
4. Understanding Sarcasm (now, this is a skill!)
5. Softball
6. Keeping Mike in check
7. Having patience (this means I'm particularly good at getting revenge at people... which usually means I forget about it until later)
8. NOT remembering stuff

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