A few things about yourself... er, ourselves

Yeah for Day One!! (or should I say day two as I was a bum and forgot to post something yesterday...) 
Yeah for Positive Thinking!

I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ
I love spending time with Family and Friends
I am getting my degree in Exercise Science from UVU
I am going to become a Physical Therapist.
I love playing sports especially basketball.
My favorite teams are the Lakers, Dodgers, USC football, Duke Basketball, BYU sports.
I love pizza!


I am:
Funny (just ask my husband he says to me all the time, "You think you're so funny" -Yes, yes I do)
Witty (with brains)
At home (a lot)
A sister (to like a dozen siblings)
Traveler (everyday I get outside my house)
A bookworm 
A Graduate 
A Mary Kay Lady (not the old, make-up plastered one but the hip, loveable, sharing kind)

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