What's in a Bag...

So here's the moment where everyone finds out something about me I wish they didn't know...

What I keep locked away in my bag.

This is also the point where I lose all credibility with my gangsta friends... 
I will be forever shunned 

the contents of my purse:
a mini notebook (but no pen)
chocolate chips (I can explain that...)
a disposable camera
grocery/bank receipts (sometimes they have surveys and...)
Eyeliner (not mine)
disposable tissues
business cards
credit/debit cards
driver's license
health insurance

Let the shame begin. 

**Last week I took over Mike's backpack for my camping trip so he claims that he doesn't have anything to report for this post so you lucked out on that one (but to tell you the truth the most interesting thing he had in there was dry erase markers).**

Are you brave enough to share the contents of your purse?!

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