Our "Baby"

Alright, so you know how people can get really (and I mean really) attached to their pets and dress them up and stuff?!

Mike and I aren't those kind of people.

The closest things we have would be the worthless plants in our garden.
Sure, they've been pretty wimpy of late and everything takes twice as long to develop, but I gotta tell ya, when I went outside today and saw that one of our corn stalks has started a mini corn cob, I felt so proud our garden!

So while I may not dress up our plants and give them names I am going to show them off to you!

The midget pepper plants

Our "onions" that have just decided to bulb

Cherry tomatoes! I love these guys!

Our last carrot plant (the neighborhood quail got the rest)

the dying pea plant


The MIGHTY squash plant

Our first piece or corn!
 What do you think?!

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