The Weekend!

Over the weekend I went to a Mary Kay Leadership Conference down in Las Vegas and I was amazed at how much my perception of Mary Kay was changed afterwords!

Before I went down, I treated Mary Kay with a "take it or leave it" attitude and I DEFINITELY didn't feel passionate about the Mary Kay Company. It was fun throwing parties and making others feel beautiful but I wasn't invested in it at all. 

Then my Director encouraged me to register for the Las Vegas Leadership Conference and I did since it was close, fairly inexpensive and I could spend time with my family, but it wasn't until I was driving down to Vegas with two of my co-consultants that I really started getting excited about what would happen...

On Saturday, the first day of the Conference I went in a little apprehensive of what would happen. But as all the Mary Kay Directors in our area got up and talked about their "stories" and how they got into Mary Kay and the challenges they overcame, I was surprised to see how similar some of these ladies were to me, but with one exception... They had all decided one day to do more, to BE more! 

Then Jamie Cruse-Vrinios (Our National Sales Director, the lady who was EVERYONE's mentor) talked about how only 10% of the women in our company ever make anything of themselves and how by making the decision today to no longer be average and WORKing towards excellence we could be like her, could EARN what she makes, and be an influence in others' lives! Following Jamie, Marilyn Welle (Jamie's old mentor and friend) spoke to us about what Mary Kay's vision had been when she had put together the company and what it really means to be a part of the Mary Kay Company! 

I was amazed how much Marilyn Welle stressed the importance of loving and NOT judging anyone/everyone! The Mary Kay Company was really designed to help women strive and achieve their dreams and be rewarded for their hard work! 

It was an amazing Conference! Uplifting, encouraging and a little repremanding but I learned alot, about Mary Kay, about myself and what I need to do if I want to be successful and HAPPY!

I truly am committed now to sharing the Mary Kay message with everyone I meet and it's my goal to share Mary Kay with at least 25 individuals every week and I won't let other intimidate me or take away my dreams, because I know I can achieve ANYTHING! 

If you would like to know more about Mary Kay, or help me achieve my goal of sharing Mary Kay with 25 individuals, comment below or email me! And thank you for your support!

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