7 Facts about Me

Rebekah, from American Honey, has continued a lovely chain reaction of ask her blog's readers to write 7 facts about themselves on their own blogs and then to ask others to do the same (she got the charge from Brittany of No Two Fish Alike)... 

Since I am such a big fan of lists (and numbers if we're honest) I decided to continue the tradition here!
So, without further ado...

1. I own my business (aka Mary Kay) and it ROCKS!
2. Easter has always been my favorite holiday!
3. I DOMINATE at Hanging with Friends (the ipod app) and I challenge all of you to play with me (my user name is Mrs.SmartyPants)!
4. I am very competitive... at card games, but not so much athletically (I learned not to be when all my friends started refusing to play with me)
5. I am still afraid of monsters (and spiders) under my bed and have a hard time kneeling on the floor to say prayers
6. I have traveled through 10 countries and 22 states of America (No worries, I'm working on the other 29... countries that is jk!)
7. I'm hilarious whether you realize it or not -for some people it just takes longer ;)

That was fun! Now it's your turn! Tell me 7 facts about you, post it on your blog and let me know about it below! 

P.S. I remembered that I couldn't leave you with out saying I do AWESOME sound effects... all the time!


  1. I dont think I know anyone who's favorite holiday is Easter! Aaand, I'm SO competitive when it comes to games. I think I probably made a horrible first impression on my in-laws because of it.

  2. Haha, I can only imagine how that first night must have went down! Lucky for me my mother-in-law is a winner-take-all kinda gal so while we may not always be friends while playing cards at least we understand each other and can leave the card-angst where it belongs... on the table.


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