Makeover Monday!!

Today's Mary Kay Product Spotlight is on:
The Mary Kay Concealer
The Mary Kay Concealer offers natural, skin-toned shades. The Yellow concealer shade can be offered to help reduce the appearance of red in the skin tone.
It's a Lightweight, creamy formula, Long-lasting, Waterproof and comes in seven great shades!

For all skin types. Dermatologist-tested. Waterproof. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance-free. Suitable for sensitive skin, including skin around delicate eye area.

The Mary Kay Concealer lasts four months on average, and while normally the retail price is $10, for this week only you can purchase it for $7 on my Mary Kay website!

If you would like to try the Primer before you buy it email me and we'll set up a complimentary facial for you (and up to 10 friends)! 

*All online purchases will be discounted after purchase.

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