So a little while ago I talked about some of my pet peeves... One of my really BIG ones is when people don't return your messages, whether they're by email, phone, or whatever! I hate being left in the dark, not knowing if someone is purposely avoiding me, or if they're forgetful or crazy busy!! It's especially annoying when you're running on a deadline, and HAVE to know something by the end of the day :(

Okay, where I'm going with all this is...
 All of last week I've had my mind stuck on one individual, my sister. 
On Sunday I tried calling, but I went straight to voicemail. 

Monday, the same. 



So Saturday comes along (and just so we're clear I tried facebook as well), and having leaving a message for the umpteenth time I decided to go by her apartment...
OF COURSE she wasn't there, but luckily someone else was so I left a note for her with them.

Sunday, I try calling again because as you might have guessed, she didn't get back to me.

Now it's Monday, I know at the very least she's alive because she put pictures up on facebook, but I called AGAIN, and emailed her and I am seriously at a lost of what to do next!

Do any of you have any suggestions?! I LOVE my sister, but freaking crap if I wasn't worried before, I'm freaking out now!

Holy Moly...

And Manda, if you're reading this, PLEASE call me!

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