A Challenge

If you live in Utah, you've either heard of, participated in, or cheered s friend on who competed in the Dirty Dash.
But how many of you know about the Lick the Pole Obstacle Course
Held in the same place, and probably with the same obstacles that are in the Dirty Dash, the Lick the Pole Obstacle Course in the winter version of the much loved Dirty Dash and yours truly is registering to participate!

I recently joined a company called Change Anything, a website based on the book called, "Change Anything", in which I work as a virtual coach helping individuals achieve various Change Goals. 
As an employee I've started my own plan, a Coach to 5k running plan. 
Check it out! 
I'm really excited to get started and I invite you to join me! It should be fun and hopefully at the end, we can get our tongues stuck on the pole together! 
Er... or maybe not.

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