Holy Guacamole!

What an eventful weekend!

So as you know, Mike and I left for California on Friday.
At 8am (not 6- that was just WAY too early) we met up with Mike's cousin Jordan and started our caravan to Cali. As we were leaving I found out that at that exact moment my Dad and brothers were on their way from Nevada to Utah so we made plans to meet up with each other in Beaver to say hi as we wouldn't be seeing them in Nevada as we had hoped.

Mike, concentrated on driving
Well, about 45 minutes into our drive Mike's and my car broke down. Luckily we were able to pull it over to the side of the road but it wasn't going to move after that. Jordan, after realizing we weren't in the caravan anymore pulled over to the side of the road and began to drive backwards (at 40 mph) along the freeway to meet up with us.

Before the break down

After a lot of revving the engine and contemplating what was wrong with the vehicle we called our Insurance agents and made plans for a tow truck to come and take our car back to the house.

After calling our family in California and letting them know what happened Mike's mother and sister quickly arranged for an airplane flight for us to take on Monday to get back home. In the mean time Mike and I loaded our luggage in his cousin's car (at the expense of another cousin's bedding/luggage). The rest of the drive went fairly seamlessly and we actually enjoyed the extra time together.

Over the weekend we stayed with Valerie and Steve, Mike's sister and brother-in-law. They were SO kind and welcoming! They encouraged us to use their hot tub and watch t.v., Valerie drove 25 minutes away to get some Tacolita fmous tacos for all of us AND Mike's and my favorite cereal... It was incredible!
A fun statue by Val and Steve's house

The spanish park also by Val and Steve's house
On Saturday Mike's mom, him and I went to the LA temple for his best friend's wedding. It was a beautiful day and the couple looked incredible!

happy couple
Handsome Mike
After a luncheon, the reception and a brief stop at a halloween/birthday party (complete with a taco truck) Mike and I were exhausted!

Sunday we went to TWO mission home comings and then spent the rest of the day with family. 
We played Phase 10, UNO, Scum and ate a lot of good food with each other. 
It was incredible.

Then, Mike and I realized I did not have my driver's licence on me. It wasn't in my purse, I couldn't be sure whether it was at home and to my dismay I did not have ANY documents with my name printed on them!!

At the time I wasn't too worried about the consequences, but after talking with the rest of the family I started to worry about whether or not I would be allowed on the plane. So I looked up the Airport's Customer Service and called to speak with the Manager of that Airport's TSA. The phone operated machine stated that the office wouldn't be open until 9am (a full hour after my flight was supposed to depart). So I left a voice message and then prayed that somebody would be able to help me at the airport, but just in case I was ready to change my flight.

Monday morning, Mike, his mother and I left Val's at 6am to the airport. About 40 minutes later we were at the gate and I told the security lady my situation. She radioed her boss and together the four of us waited for my verdict...
When the Manager arrived she had me fill out a form stating my name and address and then she began an interview intended to determine whether I was who I said I was... or not. 
It wasn't particularly lengthy but I was glad when it was over. Afterwards, Mike and I were 'randomly' selected for additional screening and we were done! 

After it was all over I was famished! I scarfed down half of the snacks we brought and then waited with Mike and his mother for our plane. It was a particularly foggy morning so our flight was delayed almost 2 hours! 

We finally arrived in Utah around 12:30 and had to hurry home and then to work in order for me to make it to my first day at my brand new job!

I was supposed to bring my driver's licence and birth certificate, but after searching the car and the house I had to leave without my driver's licence (the item that I thought I had left at home). 

My driver's licence is still currently on the lam but fortunately I still have my new job and the car's going be looked at on Friday. So if everything goes well, life will be back to normal by the end of the week...

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