Date Night

It's one of the repeated tokens of advice many newlyweds are given by prospering couples.
It is also one of the hardest things to plan for if your schedule is filled with work, school, and church.

 Ever since our marriage, Mike and I have tried again and again to make the Date Night an intricate part of our lives but unfortunately we have yet to make it a habit! So this year, in order to keep this cycle from repeating itself, we have created a  list (with the help of Mary Louise and her husband) of date nights to be used over 2012.

Date Nights
1. Sketch out a blueprint of your dream house
2. Make of list of must-haves in your dream home
3. Paint each other’s portrait

4. Deliver cupcakes, cookies, etc to friends, family, or nursing home
5. Plan our 5 year anniversary vacation
6. Make a map of places you have been and want to go. Make a list or places and sites to see.
7. Teach each other something new
8. Build a fort and watch a movie
9. Make/Watch home videos
10. Attend a festival
11. Go see a local band
12. Spa night!
13. Cookie bake-off!
14. Build out bucket list (as a couple and as individuals)
15. Make a work of art for the house
16. Tandem the River Walk 
17. Visit a Museum 
18. Paint your own hot chocolate cup at a pottery place
19. Go to the Farmer's Market
20. Go bowling
21. Go see Wicked
22. Go to the Cheesecake Factory (outside budget but that’s ok!)
23. Go to a bar/restaurant to watch a Laker game
24. Volunteer at the local shelter (homeless or animal! Everyone needs to help)
25. Have a water balloon fight with friends
26. Play board games
27. See a movie at the dollar theatre
28. Sample all 31 Flavors at Baskin Robins
29. Make a very specific list of things you love about each other
30. Go on a picnic
31. Go to a Goodwill or Thrift store and pick out one item for the other person. $10 budget.
32. Get up early and go eat brunch at the Communal
33. Historic walking tour (in SLC?)
34. Watch stand-up comedy all night (Comedy Sportz or Wise Guys?)
35. Go see a Laser Show
36. Take Mike's parents out for dinner (Golden Corral)
37. Make a 5, 10, 15 year “basic” plan (I say basic because life doesn’t always go as planned but it could be fun to dream it out!)
38. Go for a long walk
39. Make a gift for someone else. Just because.
40. Try a new work out
41. Cook an exotic meal or cook something we have always wanted to try (THE Cheesecake recipe).
42. Have a picnic at the lake
43. Go Country Swing Dancing
44. Play Laser Tag
45. Play video games all night
46. Pajama party! Pop some popcorn, make a pallet, and watch a cheesy show or movie.
47. Go to a basketball game/swim meet
48. Make a mix CD of songs that remind you of your time together.
49. Go for a long scooter ride to nowhere.
50. Watch each other’s favorite movies from childhood. 
51. Have a rapping contest ;)
52. Do nothing but enjoy being together.

And to help us stay accountable we will upload a picture and break down of each date on here!

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