Date Nights

So I haven't done a very good job of keeping you all up to date on Mike's and my weekly dates, so here's the lowdown:

Two weeks ago, for our date night we went to my cousin's swim meet. It was the final meet of the season and U of U was facing off BYU. As many of you from Utah know, U of U and BYU are rival schools, but that's not the only reason this meet was special. My cousin, when she was graduating high school got many scholarship offers to Universities all over the nation, including BYU and U of U. 

Well, she was flown out on separate occasions by both schools and shown the ropes and team, but after much deliberation (and a better scholarship offer) my cousin choose to go with U of U. Unfortunately there were some hard feelings when she didn't choose BYU, but hey money is money!

Anyhow, her first year on the swim team she had  two major shoulder surgeries so she didn't compete the majority of the time. However at the last meet of the year she swam against BYU and did horribly (because of her shoulder problems-duh) so this time around she was really looking to prove herself... and she did!

She swam in 3 divisions and was in 3rd-4th place every time. And as this was only her first real year swimming with the team she is only going to get better! So that was a lot of fun!

Last week for date night Mike and I went Lazer Tagging with our friends the Despains! We ganged up against some BYU Freshies and I wish I could say we creamed them but unfortunately we lost by 12... Oh, well it was still fun :) After the Lazer Assault we all went to Gloria's Little Italia for some gelato and other various deserts (Mike had a slice of chocolate cake and I had Teramisu)! 

This week, Mike and I went to the Temple and finished the night with El Azteca's Nachos and Taquitos (so delicious!) and watched Somewhere in Time DESPITE Mike's grumbling complaints. 
Hey, a girl's got to watch her Chick Flicks!

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