Tales of a Tourist

Recently (only, not so recently) I have been dreaming about the adventures Mike and I (and possibly our children too) will have in Europe! We have both decided that this is the year; 2012 will not end before we go to Europe and spend some time traipsing about!!

So in order to prepare myself I've begun looking around at the Personal Blogs of Individuals living abroad (in London, Paris, Madrid... etc), and as I've been looking around I realized that there is another resource that I have not been utilizing...

MY journal from when I studied abroad! After all, I didn't just take pictures, but I wrote in my journal EVERY day! Who knows what goodies lie in there that I could be sharing with the world!

So I've decided to start sharing mini episodes of my traveling experience with you!

Starting next Tuesday I will be sharing an entry a week from my precious journal, along with some photos that both I and my fellow travelers took!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

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