I'm Back!

Over the past week and a half I was living it up in California, helping to prep my lovely sister-in-law's baby! Her baby will be the first grandchild of our family and so all the sisters, my mother-in-law, a few family friends and myself threw her a party to celebrate!

The few of us who were coming in from out of town stayed at her house and helped prep it for the Baby's arrival (well, I guess my mother-in-law did most of the prepping, but I did help every now and again)!

It was great seeing all of my husband's family, but it was not so great leaving my husband behind ESPECIALLY since he had to have shoulder surgery the day before we left :(
The Hospital Bed
The poor guy dislocated his shoulder a while ago so he had to have surgery to help remove some of the scar tissue and reroute some of his tendons to (hopefully) keep his shoulder in place. He's had a similar surgery once before which lasted a good 4-5 years, but I'd rather not have him go through it again.

Anyways, I'll let you guys know more about the trip another day, for now I'm going to enjoy being back with my hubby :)

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