The Shine Event

Yesterday was one of the best days I've ever had!!

Mike and I went up to Salt Lake City to participate in The Shine Event. The Shine Event was a morning dedicated to bringing a little bit of Shine to stranger's lives by doing small acts of kindness. We met at Poplar Grove Park and then split up into groups with a list of Services we should do.

Some of the activities asked for a picture to be taken of the action but Mike and I just tried to take as many pictures as we could :)

After we were each given our lists and a bag with correlating items Mike and I took off towards Temple Square.  Within twenty minutes it started POURING  so we ran for cover in the new City Creek Mall. We found tons of people to give our candy to, including 3 homeless men (and their pets), a Security Officer, a Janitor, a little girl who scrapped her knee and a random couple. 
Mike, giving the Security Officer a Thank You note and some Gum
We didn't feel comfortable asking anyone for permission to take their picture so we snuck in the one above of the Security Guard and left the others alone.

However, we took the mission of spreading positive/uplifting quotes to a whole new level. Below are just a couple of the ones we spread across the Block...

We left one at almost every place we stopped.

We were also charged with leaving an inspirational quote, but since we were stretched for time we left the following instead:

 By the time we were all supposed to meet back together it was raining pretty badly...

We were sopping wet by the time we reached our car:

but even with the rain, we both agreed that it was one of the funnest things we have ever done!

Thank you Ashley for bringing the Shine Project to Salt Lake City!
 It was a blast!

(Salt Lake City was so pretty in the rain, I had to share this pic with you guys as well!)

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