Songs boys will never understand.

When I was little, Thumbelina came out in VHS.

It was a groundbreaking film in my life.

Never before had I had a crush on an animated character, but the Fairy Prince changed all that.

His and Thumbelina's song, "Let me be your wings", was and still is the song that makes me swoon and think about my true love...

Of course, Mike, my husband, nor his brother or cousin, know or care to understand why this song stirs such emotion inside of me. And I don't really expect anyone else to understand either, but just in case any of you share a similar feeling when you think about this movie I thought I'd share this song with you.



  1. Who doesn't love Thumbelina??? BARRY MANILOW did the soundtrack!!! (And I totally remember getting a sweet Thumbelina outfit at Target.)

  2. I Will be your Wings!!!!

  3. Sarah, I too loved this movie and most especially this song! Let me be your wings, let me be your everything!!
    Let's add this one to our running soundtrack! :)

    1. Haha, I can totally see us leaping about instead of running along to this song :)


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