Playing Catch-Up

To say it's been a while would be an understatement.

A lot of things have happened since I last seriously blogged that it's hard to know where to begin... Several changes have occurred at home, but as for Mike and I one thing will remain the same: we are going strong! 

We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary and Mike is in his last semester at UVU so we couldn't be happier! Recently Mike joined a softball team and I was promoted to full time at work so life can get pretty busy, but we also like to make time for fun...

 We participated in several 5ks over the summer, went to the State Fair,
Just a night at the Fair
All the Gates & Hess Ladies

 the Whittaker Family Reunion,
There was Potato Sack Races,
Cattail Coloring
and Slingshot Practice

 as well as a Family Reunion on Mike's side,
It was up in Heber Canyon
Landon in his shades
The Hess Representatives

 and we saw Wicked!!

We had a lot of fun doing other things as well but to understand the fullness of the summer you will just have to follow us on Instagram!

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