A Request

Can we just pretend that I didn't just abandon the blog, and start over?


Well, we'll start over next week. Today I'll just share some pics from the last... couple of months (ouch) so I don't feel so guilty about being so neglectful...

Visiting my stud of a brother after his football game.

Some of the best photos my sisters took of themselves. (I'll have to share some of the silly ones later!)

Camping up by Bryce Canyon with the Boys
Some panoramics of Bryce Canyon.

Artwork from the Russian Exhibit at the Woodbury Art Museum

My friends, Rebekah and Brianna, and I with the Russian Folk Dancers who performed at the Woodbury Art Museum's Opening Night. 

Learning to juice...

and can apples!


 Fall Temple Trips, Walks around Town and Voting!

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