A Christmas Trip

There's something to be said about going down south for the winter... It's warm, there's family and... it's warm.

This Christmas Mike and I went to Las Vegas, Los Angelos and Mesa. It was great to see our family in all three places (even if we didn't end up staying very long with any of them).  While we were there we ended up...

Las Vegas
-Seeing the Hobbit
-Buying my Dad a trashcan
-Having Dinner with my Mom, the girls, my Dad and the Boys

Los Angeles
-Seeing 2/3 of Mike's sisters
-Holding Mike's sole nephew, Landon
-Trying Stained Glass Candy for the first time

-Seeing almost all my Aunts and Uncles (on my Mom's Side)
-Singing in the Trees
-Seeing Les Miserables (With my Lovely Aunt Micki and her kids)
-Meeting up with my sister and driving her up to Vegas

And with all that we managed to get TONS of photos in Mesa, 1 photo in Los Angeles and no photos in Vegas.

It was a TON of fun seeing everyone and we hope to do so again soon! Love ya'll!

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