My Mom

The closer I get to becoming a mom myself the more I've been reflecting on my own mother.

My mom is... amazing. She's the strongest person I know and the type of woman that I want to be like one day.

She gave birth to all 8 of her kids naturally...

She's always the first to volunteer of her time and efforts to a friend in need.

She has always tried to do what's best for us kids, even if that means making HUGE sacrifices on her part.

She's been there for us through thick and thin.

She's spoken her mind and lived her life the way regardless of the backlash it might cause.

She's worked multiple jobs at a time, and put herself through college, as a divorced parent.

She's taught her kids right and wrong, how to work, and how to have fun.

And despite the fact that I may not agree with every choice she's ever made, I love her.

She's my hero.

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