Some notes on Pregnancy

There are several things that I didn't feel prepared for when I got into this business of being pregnant, some of the particularly strange things were/are...

-swolen/bigger feet (say goodbye to closed shoes)
-ever leaking nipples (funny how I can never feel it happen)
-my belly growing half an inch a week the last trimester (ouch!)
-funky tan lines (one day at the beach left me with a white half-moon on my thighs)

However, despite some of the weirder moments of pregnancy there have been some cheesy, yet incredible things that have happened too...

-feeling the baby move (this first began a couple of weeks ago and it's been so fun knowing that the baby's with me)
-getting little baby shoes (they're so cute!)
-registering (I am very much a list person, so you can bet Mike and I had fun with this!)
-getting off work early (I work for some of the most incredible people ever! Ever since I told them I was pregnant they've been more than accommodating-it's been amazing!)
-putting together a nursery (or in our case, a nook -space gets really limited when you live in a one bedroom apartment)


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    1. Lol, thank you Hilary!! I've been teaching Mike how to get my 'good' side.


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