The Fourth and Fifth Months (and a baby blessing)

Big Things in the Fourth and Fifth Months

1. Mama makes a ring sling and Genelle abides sitting in it

2. Genelle starts to show a greater preference for Mama (aka if Mom leaves the room or allows anyone else to hold Genelle there WILL be tears)

3. Recognizing and bringing toys up to her face

4. Mama actually remembered to take photos of Genelle's bathtime (I promise she was bathed before this point)

5. Big laughs for Daddy (not quite yet for Mom)

6. Paying attention to the pages of her book and showing a greater interest in face cavities

7. Grabbing toes!!

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Genelle's Baby Blessing 
On February 16th Genelle's Dad, Grandpas Hebdon, Hess and Wright, along with Uncles Matt and Braeden, Mike's old Mission President: President Hunt, and her Great Grandpas Hebdon and Christensen, together gave her a blessing.

The following slide show is the luncheon that followed the blessing.

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