A Hess Family Reunion

In May all of Mike's siblings, and their families, got together for a little family reunion in Burbank, California --his home town.

Thanks to their family friend, Cynthia Eccles, all of the family from out of town were able to stay in the same condo throughout our stay.

It was so much fun to see everyone and hold/kiss all the new grandkids! We certainly can't wait to see everyone again!

  Highlights from the trip

1. Trying the Apollo breakfast burrito for the first time --loved it!

2. Seeing/kissing/holding Areta for the first time!

3. Seeing/kissing/holding Miles for the first time!

4. Getting a professional massage with all the ladies (also for the first time)

5. Having Jamberry nails applied by Susan (and my hair braided by her too)

6. Experiencing the glorious cooking of SMP Catering (Steve Marshall Productions)

7. Chilling at the pool with Genelle and the rest of the fam!

8. Seeing Marilyn (Genelle's Grandma Hess) in a bathing suit for the first time! (She looked gooood!)

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