All in a week(end)

So I'm sure you all must be curious about what exactly went down Last week,
so I've put together a lovely schedule for you to refer to...

Started off the Softball season as winners!
Got my first battle wound of the Season...

Arrived at Camp
Hiked up Provo Falls (Be-au-tiful!)
Shot at a home-made gun range
Notice the sharp shooting skills
Woke up early to go Horseback riding
More of this on Flicker
Then we took a trip to Jordanelle Lake for the rest of the day

That evening Mike and his brother, Matt came and picked me up for our trip to Boise.
As we approached Idaho there was a wall of swirling black clouds that was periodically lit up by lightning. As we became immersed in the storm lightning struck all around us, it really was an incredible sight! [Unfortunately my camera was in the trunk of the car or else I would have attempted to capture some images of it for you...]
We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got to Charlene's (Mike's sister) house [understandable since we didn't arrive until 2am] but we were excited to be with the fam once again.

Today was pretty chill, Mike and I slept in while Dave (Charlene's husband) took Matt to a self defense course.
Later in the evening everyone went out to eat at this pizzeria called Flatbread Community Oven. Their pizza was really good(I had the margherita) and the atmosphere was fun! -Definitely a family restaurant!
Taken out the window of a car
After a little walk in downtown Boise (and a brief shopping escapade... card games, not clothes) we went for come ice cream cupcake desserts.

Charlene and I did makeovers in the morning then she, Dave, Mike and I went to the Farmer's Market...
There were a lot of fun stalls...
We had some of the bread she's picking up... so good!
That's right, Mint + Limes!
Dave buying some fudge!
It was a lot of fun and even though I felt slightly dorky taking photos with my little digital camera [somehow it just doesn't feel as legit as a DSLR] I wouldn't have wanted to miss taking my "stalker" photos.
Okay, so I posed Mike for this one...
Charlene buying flowers
The "avoiding the paparazzi shades"
Aren't we lovely?

After the Farmer's Market we all went swimming!

He didn't want his picture taken

In the evening all of our Idaho Cousins came over and we had dinner and played games! 
What a blast!

Church @ 11:30
Then we left!

Thanks for the treats Charlene
They made the trip!

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