The Weekend + Blog Goals

First off, I have to say last week was insane! 
From our first softball game of the season,
Last year's and this year's team!

to Youth Conference,
Yeah, we went horseback riding... Jealous?!

and then the ensuing trip up to Boise, Idaho to be with Mike's Sister and Brother-in-Law,
The entire group!

last week was jam-packed!

Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures, but for now I'd like to share today's list...

Blog Goals
Now, Mike and I know that over the next couple years (and perhaps longer) we won't be living in the same area as our folks so in order to keep everybody caught up, we thought it'd be easier to write it all down in one general location.
That's why we started this blog!

So one of our main goals, is to keep all of ya'll caught up on what is going on in the lives of Mike and Sarah Hess. 
Whether it's good or bad, stupid or funny, news
you'll get it here!

As part of that, I promise to try to take more pictures, be more open about what's happen, and include all the juicy details of our lives... 
In return you must comment on posts, or email me, to let me know what's going down in YOUR life!
I want to know about you, just as much as you want to know about me (or maybe you don't care, but I still want feed back)!

So there you go
what do you think?

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