Top 10 Pet Peeves

 It's funny how other people's pet peeves can make you laugh but at the same time if anybody dared to snicker at your pet peeves you would pummel them... 
I hope ya'll enjoy the lists Mike and I created... 
but if I hear one harrumph out of any of you...

1. Being Late (because of someone else)
2. When people give me "flat tires" (on my shoe or sandals)  intentionally
3. Wet willies
4. Two-faced people
5. When people bring up embarrassing stories for no good reason
6. When people don't think my opinions are valid because I'm younger than them
7. People smacking on their food or gum
8. Stupid people who don't know what they are doing
9. Sarah's grandma voice she does
10. The sound people make when they're hacking up a luggy

1. Not being looked in the eyes as I speak (or speaking when I or another individual has the floor)
2. Smart Alecks who raise my hopes up about something just to bring them crashing down (this applies to being handed food/other objects and activities)
3. Being the last to know about something or finding out about an activity right before it starts/we have to be there
4. When people don't reply to questions, emails, phone calls, etc. within a decent amount of time!
5. Stupid Drivers (i.e. People who don't pull over to the side of the road as they're turning, don't check their blind spots before entering another lane, don't use turning signals, and the worst, stopping in the middle of the road!!)
6. Being over 20 minutes late to things (I will avoid going to events when I know I'll be more than 20 minutes late to them (It's about respect))
7. Flaky people (if you say you're going to be somewhere than BE THERE, if not or something comes up, let me know!)
8. Overly Gooey Couples in public arenas (yes, this applies to Facebook as well)
9. Disorganized meetings (Don't waste my time! I'm the only person who can do that!)
10. Not being taken seriously by individuals

[In writing my list I've realized that all my pet peeves (except for wet/damp clothes, which is not on here) are centered around RESPECT. Boy, it really makes me angry when people are disrespectful!]

Sorry Guys
Tomorrow will have to be centered around things we like/love to help alleviate the negative emotions surrounding this post.

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