Good News!

So as some of you MAY, or may not, know...

 I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!

As such, I have access to such wonderful things like make up, health care and fragrance SAMPLES (as well as the real stuff)! 
I've decided that since I have so many product samples at my disposal I will start sharing some products (with an accompanying weekly deal) to all of you, Laundry Racists followers!

Each Monday I will showcase a new look or product under the title, "Makeover Monday!" Then throughout that week (Monday-Saturday) if you would like to purchase the showcased item at it's PROMOTIONAL price then email me, or click on the Mary Kay Link to the left, and I will get you set up!

Also, about once a month I will be doing a giveaway on either my, or another friend's blog! To register you merely have to be a follower of mine and her (if the blog is posted elsewhere) blog and state what product you would LOVE to have!

I LOVE Mary Kay products and I know you will feel the same way as we go forth!
If at any point you would like to try out some Mary Kay products yourself via a Free Facial or some Free Samples, email me and I will hook you up!

Thank you for your support, if you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below.
 I look forward to helping you feel more beautiful and self assured!

Much Love,
Sarah Hess (aka Her)

*All Giveaways, Sales and Promotional Deals are specifically for individuals without a current Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, or consider me to be their Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.*

*Free Facials are only available to individuals who reside within Utah or Salt Lake County. However, if you decide to visit either County contact me and we will schedule a Facial while you are in town*

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