Songs that pull at your heart strings

Everyone has one of two songs that are close to their heart, and may even be a tear-jerker.
 For me those to songs are:
Family Portrait by Pink

When my parents divorced I was 12. Whenever my dad came to pick us kids up to go over to his house we would always listen to Pink. This song was always requested by me and my sister. I remember that as it was played I would sit staring out the car window crying. 
I can only imagine what was going through my Dad's head as the song played on repeat.
I was not always as happy as I am now and this song is a reminder to me of how hard life can be as a kid.

Storm by Lifehouse

I first heard this song while at a high school dance performance I was blown away both by the lyrics and the dance.

What are your heart-wrenching songs?

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