With the start of every new year comes resolutions, hopes/goals for the new year and new events on the Calendar...

Some of my resolutions for the new year are:
-Prepare a wider variety of healthy, budget friendly meals
-Write to my BF that's on her mission
-Learn how to thrift
-Write in my journal/on the blog on a more regular basis

Some of our hopes/goals for the new year are:
-Go to L.A./Vegas/Boise to visit family
-Get a new car(?)
-Having a weekly date (just the two of us) and a monthly adventure (on the scooter, maybe)
-Go to a Laker game

And some events that we are looking forward to:
-Going to L.A. for Susan's Baby Shower
-Mike Graduating from UVU
-Applying (and hopefully accepted) to P.T. schools
-Going to Europe (Hallelujah!)
-Girl's Camp and the Trek!

Last year was pretty great but I'm positive that 2012 will be a year to remember!
Happy 2012!

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