Date Night to the Max

Last year Mike and I tried something a little different when it came to our date night. We came up with a list of things we would like to do (52 in total, so we had to do one each week) and then we (were supposed to) update our blog with a post about each date...

Well, it went... okay. We didn't do EVERY date we had hoped but we did to a good number of them. And while we weren't the best at posting about each one, I believe we did take pictures during the majority of them!

So this year, Mike and I created a date list again, but THIS time instead of creating a post every time, we'll try to take a picture during each activity (which you'll be able to see in our Instagram Feed-so it's almost like a dedicated post!).

So, the official date list for 2013 is...
1-Make of list of must-haves in your dream home
2-Paint each other's portrait
3-Plan our *vacation* for this year
4-Make a map of places we have been and want to go. Make a list of places and sites to see. (We both liked the idea of using this as the start, or a world map)
5-Teach each other something new
6-Build a fort and watch a movie
7-Attend a festival (I hear the Greek Festival calling my name on this one!)
8-Go see a local band (Rooftop Concert Series? -I think so!)
9-Build our Bucket Lists (as a couple and separately)
10-Tandem the River Walk
11-Visit a Museum (We're thinking of visiting the Museum of Tolerance and the Getty Museum for this one)
12-Go to the Farmer's Market (there are so MANY around here!)
13-Go Bowling (of course!)
14-See a Vegas Show (Like Penn & Teller or Seinfeld or whatever Broadway show is in town)
15-Go to a Fancy Restaurant (haven't decided yet where we'd like to go for this one, but I'd prefer Hell's Kitchen!)
16-Volunteer at the local homeless shelter.
17-Play Board Games (we love Monopoly!)
18-Go on a picnic
19-Go to Goodwill or a Thrift store and pick out one item for the other person. $10 budget
20-Get up early and go eat brunch at Communal.
21-Watch stand up comedy (like The Wise Guys or Comedy Sportz)
22-Take Mike's parents out to dinner (they have been so kind and generous to us it's the least we could do)
23-Go for a long walk
24-Make a gift for someone else. Just because. (These are so much fun!)
25-Try a new work out (maybe Water Zumba?)
26-Cook an exotic meal or cook something we have always wanted to try
27-Go up to Bear Lake for the day/weekend
28-Go Country Swing Dancing
29-Play Laser Tag!!
30-Play video games all night
31-Pajama Party! Pop some popcorn, make a pallet and watch  cheesy movie.
32-Go to a basketball game (or several)
33-Make a mix CD of songs that remind you of your time together (For a roadtrip?).
34-Watch each other's favorite movies from childhood.
35-Go to the Strawberry Days Rodeo!
36-Attend Pleasant Grove's Fireman's Breakfast
37-Go to an Outdoor Movie (possible a drive-in?)
38-Spend a day up at Midway and the Deer Creek Reservoir (I'm really want to go cliff-jumping and try Dairy Keen's famous shakes!
39-Hike Timp.
40-Camping Trip... somewhere
41-Silly Photoshoot
42-Visit local Garage/Yard Sales in search of Children's books
43-Teach each other something new
44-Go Geocaching
45-Try the Walmart $20 challenge (we each get $20 to spend on presents for each other -the person buys the best/most presents wins!)>
46-Go on a weekend trip to somewhere outside Utah
47-Take a one-night class together
48-Go to the Provo Beach Resort 49-Listen to a book on tape
50-Go sledding!
51-Have a tv-show marathon>
52-Buy a new game and break it in with friends!

Looks like it's going to be a fun year!

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