Goals for 2013

Every December towards the end of the month, individuals all around the world start reflecting on how well they've done on their goals throughout the year as well as what goals they may put into place the next year.

Well, Mike and I are no exception. Below you will find the goals that we've decided to work on, together and separately. 

If you have yet to decide what goals you will make over the next year may I suggest looking up Change Anything's post, "How to succeed where others fail." It has great advice on how to go about setting goals and reviewing them throughout the year!

-Ace the GRE
-Fix the truck (aka Vehicle #4)
-Read 2 books a month
-Don't drink my calories
-Journal regularly

-Exercise 4x a week
-Eat on smaller plates
-Blog More! -at least twice a month...
-Continue writing my Missionary Friend twice a month

-GET TO EUROPE!! (July/August)
-Become Debt free January 31st
-Completing all 52 dates on their to-do list this year!

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