So we had a baby.

On October 15th, 2013 little miss Genelle Madison Hess came into our lives and changed them forever...

So sweet, so little, and oh so perfect, she has smitten us, and her extended family completely.

The last several months following her arrival have rushed by, leaving this blog hopelessly outdated. Since there are some of you who have yet to see what our little Genelle looks like or how far she is developmentally, over the next week we will catch you up on all that has transpired. Every day we will share some of the major events of our lives in the days, weeks and months that followed October 15th. Then, hopefully we will be all caught up, and can here on share our current news.

So you know what to look forward to, here's how we'll break it down:

Monday: The Birth Story
Tuesday: The First Week
Wednesday: The First Month
Thursday: The Second Month (and Visiting Family)
Friday: Returning to Work and The Third Month
Saturday: The Fourth Month and Fifth Months
Sunday: A Mini Vacation with Friends

I look forward to sharing with you!

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